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The Other Approach

A positive, purpose-driven company culture and success throughout the employment life cycle is our goal:

  • Individual solutions for workforce engagement
  • Motivation through shared values, meaning and purpose in what people are doing
  • Support for established and first-time leaders in growing, changing and new work environments 

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The Other Programs

Organizational Success starts with Managerial Support and Education:

  • Create and maintain a healthy environment for an ideal employee experience and retention
  • Nurture a diverse working culture through inclusion, different generations, and approaches
  • Drive your success with Connection, Communication and Commitment, the “3 C’s of Leadership”

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What I Can Do For You

At The Other Coaching, my methods and systems are different from “other” traditional coaching approaches such as sales and employee trainings. What I do differently with clients is what makes my program unique:

My Business Coaching of the Managerial Front Line, Leadership Development and Recruitment Consulting Services for Human Resources are designed to keep your company and teams moving forward with YOU as the IGNITER.

We meet

Getting to know each other, discuss where you are standing now.
Get your first meeting for free and decide if you want to work with me. No conditions apply, no binding ahead!


Getting a picture of your structures and tasks by being there, with you, in your shoes, to understand your environment. Depending on location and situation virtual or in person.


For you and/or your employees to elaborate efficient approaches for your desired results.


Tailored programs for your needs, from me to you! This is where the actual work begins.

Meet Your Other Coach:

I help you to help others!

You are my focus, providing methods to create and maintain an efficient, fulfilling and content relationship with your teams as a leader.

I believe in providing leadership facilitation to build new focus and strength for both your business and personal life.

I work with you, if you are:

  • A leader in a small or medium company
  • A first-time leader entering an established workforce
  • Starting a new business with employees 
  • Managing your own proprietorship

I happily provide programs for third-party management trainings within corporations and for educational institutions to inspire the great leaders of tomorrow!


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