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The Other Approach

A positive, purpose-driven Team Culture and Success throughout the Employment Lifecycle is our Goal:

  • Individual solutions for team engagement ignited by leadership
  • Motivation through shared values, meaning and purpose in what people are doing
  • Support for growth-minded and first-time leaders in growing, changing and new work environments 

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The Other Programs

Organizational Success starts with Managerial Support and Education:

  • Create and maintain an awesome
    work environment through an ideal
    team experience
  • Nurture a happy working culture through inclusion & diversity with individual approaches
  • Drive your success with Connection, Communication and Commitment, the “3 C’s of Leadership”

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What I Can Do For You

At The Other Coaching, my methods and systems are different from “other” traditional coaching approaches such as sales and employee trainings. What I do differently with clients is what makes my program unique:

My Business Coaching for First-Time Leaders, Leadership Development and Recruitment Consulting Services is designed to keep your company and teams moving forward with YOU as the IGNITER.

We (Virtually) meet

Getting to know each other, discuss where you are standing now and where you want to go.
Let’s see if we “match” and decide on how to proceed. No conditions, no commitment ahead!


Getting a picture of your structures and tasks by putting myself in your shoes, to understand you and your environment. Depending on location and situation virtual or in person.


I will ask a lot of questions during our time together to elaborate constantly adapted approaches for your desired results.


Tailored, individualized programs with an empathetic, intuitive approach from me to you, whenever you need it the most. 

Meet Your Other Coach:

I help you to help others!

You are my focus, providing personal approaches to create and maintain an efficient, fulfilling and happy relationship with your teams as a leader.

I believe in providing leadership facilitation to build new focus and strength for both your business and personal life.

I work with you, if you are:

  • A leader in a small or medium company
  • A first-time leader entering an established workforce
  • Starting a new business with team members

I would love to hear your story and be part of your journey to become the leader of your own vision. 

As a certified Life-Cycle Celebrant I am also happily honouring and celebrating your professional milestones and transformation into the leader of your own vision. 
I can’t wait for you to pass on your light to the people you work with. 


Kind Words…

Alex has a lot of experience in the service-providing industry. We appreciate her hands-on mentality and her knowledge about how to build relationships. Real estate teams and leaders liked to work with her and Alex has been an ambitious mentor for new people joining the company, taking them under her wings. She really understands how to get people on board and how to motivate them.

Christian Sommer, Managing Partner 
Christian Sommer, Managing Partner

Our firm has taken the step to bring in Alexandra for coaching. As a legal services company, our clients expect perfection in every aspect when dealing with us. Choosing to work with The Other Coaching has been a blessing. The discussions with Alexandra and what she brings to the table have been game-changing. Her approach in having ongoing mentoring and bouncing around different aspects of how we work with our employees and contractors have given us the added step in first creating an excellent inside team that reflects greatly the improved services and relationship provided to our clients.

CEO, Legal Services (Alberta / CA) 
CEO, Legal Services (Alberta / CA)

It is the first time that I am in a leadership position and the best thing that could happen to me was to have Alex at my side to get started in the best possible way. She listened carefully to my needs and provided me with an excellent tailor-made service and highly valuable advice. I felt she really understood me and accompanied me all the way, step by step. The preparation, conduct and follow-up to every single one of our meetings was outstanding. Thanks to Alex, the start of a new phase in my career went extremely well. I strongly recommend her as a leadership coach for new leaders and more experienced ones alike.

Marie-Nicole Adler, Team Leader 
Marie-Nicole Adler, Team Leader

I attended one of Alex’s recent webinars on Navigating New Work Environments. I found her professional, calm, and knowledgeable, and was impressed by the fact she didn’t just talk about generalities. She gave some excellent examples on how to retain current customers (and gain new customers) by demonstrating how to be seen as creative and effective support when they need it most. I appreciated the giveaway at the end of questions to use to generate industry-specific solutions. Very useful!

Lise Leroux, Learning & Development Consultant 
Lise Leroux, Learning & Development Consultant

When Alex worked with us, she was as well mentoring our newbies at Re/Max First. Alex is a dynamic and focused person with lots of empathy and passion about what she does. She puts people first and always aims to create win-win-situations for everyone.

Johanna Prosenik, CEO 
Johanna Prosenik, CEO

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