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What Most Sales-Programs Dont Want You To Know
If you’re like me, you’re probably pretty tired and overwhelmed with the claims that make you believe you can earn a six-figure income within the next month if you follow certain sales techniques and work super hard. Mostly preached by hyped speakers and supposed celebrities about their 24/7 approaches that some people are already pursuing anyway, then selling it as their own idea and making their audience feel guilty about not achieving the desired results – because it is “their fault”.

No, it is not.

It is simply because those approaches do not work for most markets or personalities, or they can be outdated, or simply irrelevant for many businesses.
Those speakers rush you into strategies that are not suitable for YOUR authenticity and productivity.
So, you procrastinate, or, after all, you feel exhausted and just don’t know what you did wrong because you actually did follow what the sales preachers taught you to do.
This is the breaking point where those people have you exactly where they want you to be:
Buying their (next) program.
Rinse and repeat.


1. What Do YOU Want?

Just think for a minute: do you actually know what you really want? – What do you want to achieve and where do you want to be?
Are you free of expectations of others?
This last question is crucial before you sign up for that conference and spend a lot of money to listen to someone who had been persistent at throwing business cards at everyone passing by on the street or door knocking to make a living…back in the ’80s and ’90s.

Aside from the meanwhile well-known fact that some cold acquisition practices don’t get you anywhere, you better have your own beliefs and goals ready to hang on to.
Otherwise, you risk being exposed to the devil’s vortex of, first, listening, feeling empowered, going home, feeling not so empowered anymore, procrastinating, NOT doing it, and last, feeling that you have failed.

You have to be prepared and strong enough to not get drawn into “This is who you need to be” and “That is what you have to do”, no matter if you are an introvert, an extrovert, or if you are an artist, consultant, accountant, realtor or shop owner ( – please insert business here -).
It will save you a lot of frustration when going back to your “real life” routine if you are prepared to take some suitable points for your practice, but please take everything with a grain of salt.
Hard work does not replace smart work.


2. What are YOUR best approaches?

The reality is, after speaking with and learning from successful business owners and leaders that have more influence in real life than on social media (don’t get blinded by the number of followers, the quality is a different game), that there is one thing that they all have in common and that brought them where they are now – into a life of abundance and success in doing what they love:


Consistency for WHAT, you may ask now.
I mean the patience that the things you want to attract are not coming right away, as it takes time and continuous impressions on people around you, lots of relationships, accountability, and sincere care for others.
Much of success nowadays is reliant on – like it or not – who you know and who has a great feeling about you. They have the power to refer you to their peer groups, as people of course prefer to recommend someone they know.
And, wouldn’t you rather trust someone a friend recommends to you than a stranger when you choose a service?
In the end, it will be their decision anyway, as chemistry and feeling your understanding are key.

Please remember, just because one person does not want to work with you does not mean that your service sucks.
The people YOU want in life want YOU! And vice versa – the people who don’t want to work with you, you don’t want to deal with anyway.

Your “right” approaches might be so different from what you have learned and even what you know.
You may be surprised by how simple it can be to be successful with what you are doing if it is aligned with your values, your personality and if you have a little bit of patience. 😉
Because in the end it always comes down to being a people business and it takes time to become known, and to gain people’s trust for personal topics, if you are like me, working as consultant and coach.


3. After all, what will keep YOU going?

Whatever it is you are doing – do it with love, appreciation, and consistency!
If you enjoy something that you are trying to serve your market with, it may take a way longer time than you probably will hear at those business cheer speeches.
It takes endurance, guts, and creativity.

To get out there you have to think of many steps, such as, which (post-COVID-19) in-person events are useful for your niche?
Which online channels are working for you?
Where is your homepage ranked on Search Engines?
Do you deliver accordingly for SEO when putting content out for people to find you?
And much more!

It may sound overwhelming. And this is where most people quit.
Discouragement usually does not happen because of incapability, but due to a lack of clarity and consistency!


>> If you need support to create your individual roadmap for your clarity in what you do, what you want, how do you approach it, and about what will keep you going with your productivity and focus, hand-in-hand with your consistency – I am here for you!


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