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Educational Content & Guest Speaking


This service is about educating leaders and business owners to be their best selves in changing and growing work environments with different challenges and generations.
Guest speaking and content for educational institutions are also very welcomed!
Ask for contributions, webinars, interviews or workshops!

Learning never stops

You may have leaders in your company that you want to provide with training and support to bring out the best in them to lead other employees.

How to be or become a great leader for each team member is what we can cover together with personal coaching or in a third-party management training program for your organization.

I also make room to support educational institutions such as business schools, colleges and universities with valuable content about leadership in changing and transforming environments, productivity, hiring and team-leading.

As an Austrian in Canada, I am working borderless and internationally in English or German language – so, no matter the geographical distance.

I will work with you to develop a suitable individual program for you, your teams or your classroom.

Content can be provided with standalone webinars, workshops, interviews and guest speaking.
Ask me about the webinar series or individual units mentioned in the video above and we can have a chat to explore your needs!

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