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About You and Me


“You don’t build a business.

You build people.

And then people build the business.”

(Zig Zagler)

Alexandra Mushahwar

Founder / Owner

Austrian-born, now happily living and enjoying life in Beautiful British Columbia!

As an English- and German-speaking Austrian in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, with a background in Communication Science, Human Resources and Sales, I have made it my goal to assist small and medium enterprises, as well as “Solopreneurs” and associates to enhance work environments.

My experiences in globally present companies, being a part of the international workforce as Consultant, Onboard Trainer, Conference Panelist and Sales Manager in Real Estate and Human Resources, brought me to the path I am entering here now, new to the beautiful diversity in Canada:

Focusing on the necessity to merge different working cultures, mindsets, attitudes and knowledge to improve the work environment through communication and an appreciative approach.

Especially in Austria I was able to feel the differences in service appreciation compared to North America. Back there work ethics are as different as communication cultures and top-down hierarchies. The openness for mentoring and coaching was still restrained and job hoppers were a frequent phenomenon which I have always aimed to change.

If your business is growing, changing or merging, if you are building a new company, or feel overwhelmed, being stuck with one or more team members, or having troubles with fulfilling your commitment, I want to help YOU helping OTHERS.

One thing ahead: If you are looking for sales consulting to increase revenues there are a lot of coaches and trainers out there who will be pleased to help you grow your business in that way.

My approach is the Human-to-Human business (H2H) to keep your workforce healthy and stable, building a “happy” company culture, which – at the bottom line – will contribute to your outcomes even more so.

Your success starts with the inner happiness of employees, team members and your own self-confidence.

This is the OTHER way. The OTHER Coaching.

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