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About You and Me


“You don’t build a business.

You build people.

And then people build the business.”

(Zig Zagler)

Business Leadership Coach - Alexandra Mushahwar

Alexandra Mushahwar

Founder / Owner

Austrian-born, now happily living and enjoying life in Beautiful British Columbia!

As an English- and German-speaking Austrian in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, with a background in Communication Science, Mental Health Training, Human Resources and Sales, I have made it my goal to assist small and medium companies, as well as “Solopreneurs” and associates to create and maintain healthy work environments.

My past experience in globally operating companies, being part of international workforces as Consultant, Onboard Trainer, Educator, Panelist and Sales Manager in Real Estate and Human Resources, brought me to the path I have entered here in Canada:

Focusing on the importance to understand and benefit from different mindsets, working cultures, generational approaches, and new work environments to improve and maintain the human connection, communication, and appreciation in the workplace.

If your business or organization is growing, changing or merging, if you are starting a new company, if you are entering the workforce as a new leader, or if you simply want to educate yourself or management members to be competitive in the new world of work and on providing a workplace that people love to be in: I am here to help YOU supporting OTHERS.

In this borderless day and age we can work anywhere together, no matter your location.

One thing ahead: If you are looking for sales consulting to increase revenues, there are a lot of coaches and trainers out there who are happy to help you grow your business in that way.

My approach is the Human-to-Human business (H2H) to keep yourself accountable and content, your team members and employees productive, engaged, and experiencing meaning and purpose to their own mission. Bottom-line:  a “happy” company culture will contribute to your outcomes even more so.

Your overall organizational success starts with the happiness of employees, team members, your leadership skills and your own self-confidence.

This is the OTHER way. The OTHER Coaching.

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