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3 Things to know for reopening businesses
In the Post-COVID-19-world where we go back to work, some of us might be fighting with the thoughts about, how do we get back on track? How are we going to position ourselves?

These are likely some of the questions going through your head as a leader or business owner, faced with new work ethics along the way of re-establishing operations.

You are not alone.

There are 3 things to consider which can generate a successful economic come-back when reviewed purposely.

I want to give you some points on what to focus on to stay on the right path of your mission.
These are measurements to review on an annual basis.
If you are not heading where you are seeing yourself with your team, it may be necessary to readjust.


1. Organizational Structures – The Team Position Makes the Difference

Enough with addressing remote leadership, how to engage a team when working from home and so on – I think we have heard a lot about it and now we’re past that.
NOW it is time to establish a routine that shall be sustainably fulfilling new tasks in a new work environment.

It is on you to think about how to best adapt to the change on a long-term basis to work with whether remote, on-site or with hybrid teams.

You may need to think about changing some job roles into positions with accurate tasks, or reorganizing the team structure, always considering everybody’s best intentions and purpose.

Safety first! It is necessary to have a slow reintroduction to “old” workplaces and adhering to COVID-19 protocols to avoid a potential outbreak in your office.
Be familiar with what you need to do to provide a safe space for employees and clients.
Your local governments have plenty of information available.


2. Employee Experience – The Key to Business Re-creation

We are on the path of getting back into our businesses, but not back to “normal”. The new “normal” foresees a focus on mental health, efficiency out of intrinsic motivation and a productive team composition.

So, consider your most valuable asset, which is the employee, as your key to successful business re-creation.  Look for motivating differently than with a pool table at the office or virtual coffee breaks with the team (which is a good idea itself, but not a main motivator).

Invest in training and support, acknowledgement, and recognition.
And before you are rushing to reopen offices, consider different priorities than you had before COVID-19 – make it a place where people want to go to and see it as an attractive alternative to home, a place for exchange and “getting out of the house”.
Other than this don’t forget to think of remote work as a new modus operandi.

Having established the ground rules for office use and employee well-being with new work policies and fresh operational designs, it is time to see the benefits of this newly established company culture – customer experience is in direct correlation to your employees’ happiness.


3. Customer Experience

As time has changed our preferences, even in how we consume content, products or services, it is necessary to find the right way to attract and recall customers.

The first and best way to do that is through by radiating a happy company culture from inside out.
The next step is to create simple access to your product or services to stand out in marketing bombardment left, right and centre.

Shifting and pivoting to a strong online presence and online sales are crucial and inevitable to stay competitive. Now and in the future.
Some companies and organizations are fully or partly used to work in the digital space, but especially the retail world and workplaces, where manual work is an integral part of the product or service, have to adapt to a “new normal”.

Be empathetic and patient with you and yours towards the bumpy start in this new world of economy. Most people are still about to figure out how to get work done in a shifted environment.
And it is ok.
Good work needs time.
Critical reviews and considerations are your best strategies to plan and implement your reboot to help you get through this next phase and for the big picture.


>> You are not alone. I am here for you as your business coach to assist you with your questions about establishing the right work environment with the right team.



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