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Leading In a Kindness Economy
Facing challenges in the aftermath of a global pandemic means dealing with changes in how to lead a team to drive both, people and success.

Many leaders have understood that it is crucial to change the path from an outcome-focused economy to a people-focused economy.
Adaptation to the new normal requires changes in how we create our lives around personal and business environments.

Not only the shift to virtual interaction, but as well to even more personal connections are driving mental health, the way we are doing business, and the results in outcomes.

I had the pleasure to interview multiple office manager of the global number one RE/MAX real estate office group, Denise Salmon. Her forward-thinking mindset and generous dedication to her workforce drives the positive company culture of a demanding business with mutual support and inspiration.


Relationship-Based Leading

Denise’s managing direction helped their business survive through a crisis.  But even more, her pro-active approach to being focused on people over the past 9 years as a broker manager helped her team of 150 realtors and staff members to strive forward.

“Driving needs have to be met. Different things motivate different people”, Denise said.

“What drives me is is the connection with other people.”

True words from a true leader.

There was a lot to deal with for everyone in business when COVID-19 hit.
Feeling defeated since operations did not gradually decline, but instead fell off a cliff, was only one of the symptoms that needed to be fought against.

Guiding, mutual support and brainstorming together about how to operate in this new future has built the ideal basis for inclusive decision-making processes.


Lighting Up Faces

Leadership in a kindness economy means growing people the best they can be by fueling their meaning and purpose and igniting the light in them.

Teaching courage and pushing strengths in a kind approach leads to pulling on one string. – By not pushing the weak points but encouraging people to bring in their own individual strengths is the most visible way to show why people were hired. Leaders should never lose focus on that.

“You want someone who really wants to come to work and who is excited about what he’s doing.”


Back To The Human Connection

The new normal does not take away the human basic need of connection.
It reinforces it.

The positive thing about the new work and personal environment is that people who were not approachable or available in our “old” times are now only a mouse click away.

The other side is the isolation that has to be defeated. The connection between fellows and peers, bottom-up and top-down is likewise important.

As a leader, you have to determine which way is best to connect and understand each person’s preferred communication style – and respond to it individually.
This step is necessary to counteract the new phenomenon of so-called “Zoom exhaustion”.
Some people might prefer texting, while others still like to catch up with traditional phone-calls.

In-person meetings replace the old personal handwritten notes – they are becoming something special and individual, helping people to appreciate their connections more than ever before.

The increase of technology helps to stay in touch on a personal and business level, with no geographical boundaries and improves the confidence in adapting to new methods of presenting ourselves.


Awesome insights from a hands-on trusted manager in, before, and after, times of change.

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