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The 3 C's of Crisis

Since our work routine has changed dramatically due to COVID-19 from going to work in the morning, spending our day there and going home in the evening, there are a few things to consider when it comes to remotely operate and lead a workforce.

If you have employees, contractors or other independent people working with you – this is the time where you can prove your skills in cooperation and delegation.

The famous phrase “lead by example” cuts in here like never before. Connecting with people and staying in touch while having an eye on output is crucial.


1. Connection


Right now, people have different feelings about staying at home and changing their lifestyle.
Some take it with ease and enjoy their remote time doing things they have never had time for before and being with their families around the clock. Others might feel isolated and need direction concerning their daily to-do’s, otherwise they feel lost or overwhelmed dealing with their workloads by themselves.
What is important for all of us is to not lose touch with the outside.

Technology makes it so easy for us to stay connected in today’s communication culture. It is crucial for both – personal and work relations – to make use of it as much as possible.

Interacting and keeping yourself and others accountable during the global physical isolation is the response to a basic human need of being connected.

As a leader make sure you look after the people you work with by scheduling online-meetings in a frequent and regular manner. It helps you to stay on top of what is going on, answering questions and taking doubts or fears away from others.

Video-meetings keep you and others in a certain routine when it comes to looking after yourself and others.


2. Communication


Isolation is the time to reflect and think about the “big picture.” Clients still want to be served and stakeholders want to know how to proceed.

Get your thoughts in place to share and communicate your mission with everyone during these unprecedented times to take away any insecurities that are currently hanging in the air.

When it comes to tasks, make sure to communicate clearly what you expect and eliminate doubts about their execution through transparency. The distance might make procrastination due to unclarity unfortunately easier. We want to avoid that.

Read your emails twice before sending it to reassure their communication clarity. Ask for a reply to reconfirm that you are all on the same page.


3. Commitment


In order to stay productive and keep a business running while coordinating from home, it is important to commit yourself and others to their contribution.

Set yourself time periods with no distraction to work on content and contacts. A useful thing to trick yourself is nonnegotiable time frames through calendar blocking. Allow nothing to interrupt these times of creation.
Commit yourself to what you have promised to do for yourself and others. Educate your team and environment on this or other productivity hacks.

Implement a healthy feedback-culture despite the distance. Present your content, output and communicate your expectation of others to do the same. Advise each other on tasks and execution.

And never forget to enjoy a good portion of laughs within the calm. 😉


We all got this. We are creating a new future of communication and self-responsibility. Nothing to be afraid of and lots to embrace once we get familiar with escaping the traditional work environments.

We have to rely on others and others have to rely on us to get work done – this shift will enhance the way we work and our entire productivity management. We all know that changes can be scary, but let’s look forward to these changes of global impact since we are all in this together.

>> How are you managing your days and work in isolation? I am looking forward to your comments.


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