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The Other Coaching - Leadership FacilitationWorking in various kinds of companies means operating in a space of all kinds of different individuals.
There is no exception, whether in industries nor company sizes. Whether there are two people working together, or two hundred – it is always a colourful compound of different mindsets, different understandings, different approaches and, quite possibly, different attitudes.
The diversity of thinking and knowledge power makes this kind of “individual joint ventures” on the one hand side effective to generate great outputs. On the other hand, there is always a risk of struggles and difficulties between the different mindsets.

So, how does this play into the game for you as a leader – whether you are working with two people or two hundred?
What does it mean for you, when there is more than one mastermind under one roof, working on the one single desired output that makes the company supposedly successful?
Foremost, the difference between working with two or two hundred people is NONE.
And this means that the management must ensure that all individuals are driven by the same purpose and the same energetic mentality: going together in one direction for the same goal, but as individually as possible.

“Individually” has a big meaning here:
Each person has their own approach to things that you might see differently.
When you initially hired an individual, you must have had a reason why you wanted him or her on board. Take this reason as a silent promise from this person as a way of showing you a different path to go. For the same destination! You will learn a lot from different mindsets, cultures and perspectives when you only listen and trust in their abilities to handle the task in “their way”.
This trust not only relieves you from the permanent “need” of control but makes those people valuable for their contribution to the company’s success. And what else grants more satisfaction for individuals, hence you, than having something accomplished together?

You probably already have had, or will have, experiences with people who are not delivering what they promise or with individuals that are even working against your plans.
They are subject to caution, as they may and will contaminate other members of the workforce with their negative energy. It is your task to find the cancer in your company and either heal it or get rid of it. As hard as it sounds, but there never is any good in not cutting out the cancer, if there are no visible changes into positive.
The price of a healthy work environment is the management’s constant devotion to develop and support the people they are working with – in mutual respect, understanding and trust.
By giving authority to the right people’s ability in your company, all of you will enjoy wonderful results, an increased knowledge base by learning from each other, and last but not least, higher workforce retention.

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