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The Self-Talk BoomerangIf you have ever thought that no one hears what you think, I am afraid I will have to disappoint you. Your thoughts speak volumes about how you present yourself and how others perceive you.
In fact, there are two layers to consider: Your internal talk and your external (re)action.


1. Your Internal Talk

This one matters most, as it is the root of what happens to you in the outside.

As an example, if you think of yourself being weak, insignificant, worthless, rejected, or dumb, you are behaving in exactly that way as this mindset keeps feeding your expectations about yourself.
You would never say these words to your friends and family, right? Then, why would you think of yourself being these things? It basically confirms that you don’t want to be with you.
Usually, these feelings of being unworthy come from your history or the unfulfilled life you are experiencing right at this moment.
Is your negative internal talk caused by your past, your personal life, or your job life?

The good news is, you can change both – letting go of your history and review your present thoughts and situations.
Are you surrounded by and doing what you love?
Simultaneously, are you accepting setbacks as a natural way of growth on your personal path?

Your internal talk confirms how you see and experience the outside world – there is not one, but millions of studies and articles out there to show us how much our internal image of ourselves matters in our overall life and mental health.


2. Your External (Re)Action

According to your own picture of yourself and how you are acting upon it people are reacting to this image you present.
You are actively creating the environment you are in. Like, how you throw a boomerang it comes back to you.

If you think of yourself as a genuine, honest, caring, and worthy person, people are going to treat you like that. If you think of yourself as being worthless, an idiot, stupid or weird, people will see this side of you. Because you are expecting them to do so by basically demanding to confirm your inner image.

So, again, your self-talk matters!
Especially when you are in a position that requires care, attention, and leading yourself and others.
May it be yourself, family, or a job role.
The expression “lead by example” is not only an unspoken rule for being a manager, being able to fulfill tasks that you expect from others as well, but it also manifests how you perceive yourself…hence, how others perceive YOU.

It is not enough to be in a job that pays well to measure your worth. It is important to see your value in being the contribution the company does not want to miss out on. You have the skills and attitude that are needed, and you love the people you work with as they see the worthy tribe member you are for them. And vice versa.

With this mindset, it will become natural that you see yourself in a different light of being valuable, which transfers to your overall happiness and your attitude and perception in your personal life.
So, give yourself a shout-out for your awesomeness and make friends with you! – You will see there is an amazing person who wants to be with you for the rest of their life. 😉


>> Are you struggling to reframe your image about yourself?
As a certified mental health coach, I am here for you to provide you with the right mindset to lead yourself and others by example.


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