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Vision, Mission And Micromanagement

Honestly, when I started working at the age of 20 something, I did not understand what the differences between vision, mission and values were.
The managers hiring me were telling me what to do – selling a product with a smile, reach my numbers, become the best in sales (nice try for competitive thinking amongst colleagues), and everything else beyond sales was a big secret – except the fact that everyone participating in the sales action wants to generate revenue, of course.

KPI’s and spreadsheets were the value of a workforce. So, what is the mission behind it? And further, what is the vision beyond it?
Is it revenue? Is it paying the monthly expenses? Is it achieving the highest number of sales amongst competitors?

The truth is, some managers would not align with the mission and vision of an organization. They would not engage with any of these statements other than with KPIs.
And others would simply not even know about their mission and vision because they did not see anyone living these values or, even worse, they haven’t been told.

If you are in the lucky position to create a mission- and vision statement makeover for the company you are working with – or if you are just about to build a team or company – here is what you have to consider:


1. What’s Your Vision?

Where do you want to go with your company or your team? Who you want to attract?
What is the big picture behind what you do? What are your goals?

Your vision is the engine of your mission. The “Why” of your chosen path you are going to share with a team that strives in the same direction as you.

Your motive is preferably a human motive, not monetary.  Money comes when you do what you love, as it is your authenticity and passion that is convincing.


2. Your Mission – Quality Instead of Quantity!

Your mission defines HOW you want to go for the big picture, your vision.
Do you want the quantity of covered ground or the quality of leads as the measurement of your mission?
Is it necessary to whip team members through weekly KPI’s when there actually is a leverage hidden in quality acquisition in the long run, instead of the pain and short-termed gain through numerous cold calls?

A little sidetrack for quality acquisition: a quite good read about building real connections is Keith Ferrazzi’s book “Never Eat Alone” where he talks about how to “warm-up” cold calls and why networking events are a waste of time to gain long term success with people you work with.

So, my question is – why are there such few quality measures of built relationships in the alignment of companies’ mission-statements, instead of how many calls per week to accomplish, no matter the outcome?

I have seen so many frustrated employees that can’t reach their weekly numbers, but they try so hard.
I think it is time to recognize efforts and leads as much as actual sales.
It might require some training to put your sale up to a benchmark. There are people who are born to sell, whereas others just aren’t. So, it is up to the management to invest in people to educate them in the name of their mission to accomplish the desired outcome, accordingly to their vision.


3. Are Your Values Aligned?

Ask yourself, are the people you work with interested in the big picture – your vision – or are they working in your organization for the sake of having a job?

A collaborative leadership-style is an indicator of shared values. No need to micromanage if everyone is aware of the vision identifies themselves with it and working towards it. Together.

If the values of an organization are not shared by the people working there, it is likely to lose the vision along the way – and the success.

Make it your mantra that success is only real when shared.


>> Are you a start-up or organization looking to grow?
I am happy to help you assessing the potential of your workforce in alignment with your vision and mission statement.
Create the basis for joint success and a great company culture, thriving with shared values.



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