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Visualizing the Perfect Remote Leader


If someone could paint a picture of the perfect boss in times of quarantine – how would this person be like?

We are faced with this change of workplaces from physical interaction to now working from home in a remote office and by ourselves.

Before the outbreak of COVID-19 a lot of people in traditional workplaces were wishing for that kind of opportunity to work from home but would never have been enabled to do so. Now, this style of working has become the norm – forced through an unprecedented happening. And we are still (hopefully) looking to contribute to a common goal when working for a company, no matter from where.

So, the requirements of leadership skills have changed since there is no room for control and command by sharing the same space.
Shared values, reliability and accountability are key for a trusted relationship of distance. Not to mention, that we certainly all need human connection.


Stay Connected

As a “picture-perfect boss” you are available for people who want to reach you. Even if not at that point in time they reach out, but you are inevitably getting back to them.
You react to concerns with comfort and ease the pain of uncertainty by letting them know how much you need and rely on them with the great job every single individual is doing in this time of transition.

To distract from strict work-related meetings, implement virtual fun-gatherings with a motto for instance. “Meet” for a walk and chat like in a community get-together, all by getting everybody out and having some fresh air.
In case there was a lack of personal connection before, now is the time and opportunity to actually getting to know the people you are working with.

A great leader keeps people in the loop by delivering up-to-date information, accompanied with some comforting content and never to forget, some humour to share some laughs as well.


Communicate Clearly

When it comes to work, leaders have to communicate clearly what they want and what they expect from every one of the team to contribute.
Especially now it is even more important to let no question unanswered when delegating tasks and planning structured meetings that should require everybody to prepare.

The leader’s communication skills are responsible for missed or hit targets.


Be the “Vulnerable” Rock

There is nothing wrong with showing insecurities and uncertainties about the first time being isolated yourself. We are all human and change requires adaptation.
If you are not feeling comfortable yet with running a business from home, there is no reason to feel weak. On the contrary – showing vulnerability encourages others to feel included in this community of approachability. Communicating that we are in this together and that this global situation is new to everyone in our working society creates room for mutual advice and constructive feedback.


Community Appreciation

The perfect leader is not short in appreciating and encouraging people to recognize their own achievements and what they contributed to this reorganization of workplaces.

As a visualized super-hero guide you create a sense of community and let people know how important they are and that they stick together.
Optimally they share the same values with you. That means that both sides have an understanding of incorporating personal duties to every day’s work because of being, for example, a stay-at-home parent, where school is suddenly now happening in the living room.

Motivation is usually more an appreciative and understanding access than a monetary one in the long-run, and even more so in uncertain times…



>> Are you that person described above, winning the remote workplace over? Or do you need some advice on becoming that kind of a leader? Happy to (virtually) meet you!  


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