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Business PeopleHere comes a tough question: when you look yourself in the mirror, do you find yourself trustworthy – from an outside perspective? Especially when it comes to your work life. Are you standing behind the product or service you sell? The work you do, are you doing it with passion? Or is it maybe that you usually already panic on Sunday evenings that your work week starts in 12 hours?

Sometimes we find ourselves in places we are put into by us or others, knowing we don’t really identify ourselves with that place. Sounds familiar?

Then there is a slight chance that you are doing the wrong thing with regards to your satisfaction, happiness and thus the message you deliver. Unintentionally.

Humans are very fine energy input and output machines, receiving and sending out constant messages through expressions, body language, words and even thoughts. Most of it happens unconsciously. 24/7 we are communicating (of course not when we are sleeping, unless your partner tells different 😉).

So, when you are sending out the message, ‘[I really do not want to be in this place, but I tell you,] this product or service is the best from here to Timbuktu’, chances are high that people don’t believe you – and won’t buy what you have to offer. You don’t trust in your own product or service, so they don’t trust you.

You might say, ‘I try so hard, I do everything in exactly the way I have been told at the latest sales seminar, the six books I have read, I stick to it and nevertheless – the output is close to ZERO. Why can’t I be successful?’

Maybe you tried too hard. And maybe you should rethink your direction.

Usually, the lack of success and credibility is the way of your natural gut feeling attempting to tell you, you are on the wrong path. Your passion and character match a different destination, your actual place is not where you should be.

How do I know that? Try to think of your favourite thing to do. I mean your hobbies. Your passions. Is it sports, is it shopping, is it pets, is it music, is it wine, whatever…? Think of it and try to imagine you have to tell somebody what you do with regard to the above and what you like about it.

Can you feel how passionate you become when you even just think of explaining what you do? Try to talk to somebody about it next time you get the chance and enjoy the reaction.

You probably talk so convincingly positive about it that the other person wants to try it too. You evoked curiosity. This is marketing at its finest. You got somebody else to try it or at least to see how much you love it and the positive energy you are sending out is going to be your “secret” weapon to get somebody else into your boat. You gained their interest through authenticity and joy.

Overall, this is how Sales and all kinds of Human to Human (H2H) businesses are REALLY working. It is not always late night work and hard sacrifices.

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

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